The initiative is independent in its work, decisions, and financing.


The initiative is neutral and is not affiliated with any political, military, religious or ethnic side.

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Basic principles:

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  • impartialityThe initiative is neutral and is not affiliated with any political, military, religious or ethnic side.
  • independenceThe initiative is independent in its work, decisions, and financing.
  • lack of distinctionNon-discrimination in defending victims on the grounds of religion, race, color or gender.
  • TransparencyTransparency in work and confidentiality in preserving the data of victims and witnesses.
  • VisionJustice for all victims and accountability for perpetrators.

Tasks and objectives:

Our organization monitors and documents human rights violations in northeastern Syria.
And its participation with international and regional human rights bodies, and the preparation of studies and reports on these violations,
And inform the internal and external public opinion about it.
 We aim to support victims of violations in Syria to defend their rights and raise their voices before international human rights bodies
 Related to achieving justice for all victims. The organization also aims to coordinate and exchange information and experiences with NGOs
 and civil society centers and institutions with similar purposes and objectives.
As well as preparing conferences and forums on the violations that victims are exposed to in Syria.
 The organization seeks to spread the culture of human rights and the protection of civilians during conflicts in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
 And the Geneva Convention with its protocols, in addition to human rights law and international human rights law.

The latest news and reports

Events and activities


The Turkish occupation shot a child in Kobane

November 27, 2022
Today Sunday, the child Majdar Mohmamd,10, was injured by a Turkish bullet in Kanya Kurdan neighborhood east of Kobane. The little boy was taken ...

Turkish artillery targeting large areas in Aleppo

November 21, 2022
Ongoing shelling with heavy artillery by the Turkish forces target the villages of Mudiuna and Radar near Tal Rifaat district without further information. According ...

Heavy Turkish artillery shelling on Manbij

November 21, 2022
The Turkish forces stationed at their military base in Al-Qirata village shelled the villages of Al-Mohsenli and Al-Jarada in western Manbij countryside and the ...

The outcome of the Turkish bombardment that targeted

November 21, 2022
The death toll due to the Turkish warplanes bombardment on Taqal Baqal village of Derik on: Mazen Ossi, Mahmoud Hasan, Fayez Abdullah, Ubaid Mohammad ...

Turkish’s air strike targeting Malkiea’s villages in Al-Hasaka

November 21, 2022
governorate resulted in killing ANHA agency’s reporter Isam Abdulla who went there to cover the Turkish attacks and lost his life because of his ...

Turkish shelling destroys Corona Hospital in Kobani

November 21, 2022
The savage Turkish bombing operations are ongoing on Kobani targeting the city center. The bombing targeted a hospital for treating Corona patients, leding to ...

The Turkish forces bombes Minbij countryside of Aleppo governorate

November 14, 2022
Today, November 13, 2022, Aun Al-Dadat village of North Manbij countryside was artillery bombed by the Turkish forces stationed in Tokhar village of Jarablus. ...

Turkish drone targets Amuda in Al-Hasakah countryside

November 14, 2022
A Turkish drone targeted today, November 13, the village of Sanjak Saadoun in Amuda district of Al-Hasakah Governorate without further information about the targeting. ...